Sixteen-year-old Jukie Chin bakes his first batch of patties in his mother’s kitchen and sells them at a shop located at the front of the family home.


We officially introduced our delicious patties to Jamaica at our first store located in May Pen, Clarendon under the name Juici Beef Patties.


Our family opened new locations in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth; Mandeville and Christiana, Manchester; and Old Harbour, St. Catherine,  allowing us to serve even more customers across the island.


We completed our first franchising deal and centralized manufacturing in Paisley, May Pen, Clarendon. We expanded our menu to include shrimp, chicken, and vegetable patties, to both innovate and accommodate changing customer preferences.


We outgrew our original manufacturing space and relocated to Clarendon Park. Today, it is a 20-acre property housing a convenient rest stop that opens every day; a manufacturing plant, our head office, an abattoir, and a recreation park.

Mid 2000s

Juici underwent major store renovations, updating our branding and interior design to better reflect our proud Jamaican identity, commitment to quality, and reputation for freshness under the new name, Juici Patties.


We celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2018 and continued to expand our locations, opening several new stores in different regions. To date, we have over 60 locations and manufacture in Canada and the United Kingdom with exports to 10 Caribbean islands.

Early 2020s

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we remained committed to serving our customers and supporting our community through donations, community development initiatives, and volunteer programmes.


Our second generation of family members, proudly continue our legacy of providing good Jamaican food to people at home and abroad. Our delicious, high-quality fast food remains our way of sharing love and care with our valued customers. We make food that’s both convenient and tastes like home using farm-fresh ingredients and healthy options never compromising on classic flavours.