Fostering Leadership: Our Youth Leadership Workshop and Volunteer Programme

Since its inception in 2004, our company’s Youth Leadership Workshop and Volunteer program have consistently upheld a commitment to nurturing leadership skills and fostering community engagement. In 2023, the program saw the participation of approximately 130 young individuals, highlighting its enduring impact.

Centered on enhancing leadership qualities and promoting empathy, the program offers young participants an opportunity to broaden their perspectives through thought-provoking discussions and community-oriented activities. 

2023 saw a multigenerational initiative, with the renovation of the computer room at Osbourne Store Primary and Infant School was carried out. This endeavor brought together not only primary school children and teachers, but also teenagers, Juici staff, and members of senior citizens’ groups. This collaborative effort not only exemplified adaptability but also showcased the program’s dedication to fostering positive change within the community.